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October 19, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

The countries of the Western Balkans will increasingly hear political messages in support of their European prospects, but Bulgaria is also pushing for practical measures for people in these countries, […]

What Europe can do for the Western Balkans

October 14, 2017, by Vessela Tcherneva

The Balkans are not as exciting as they once were. The large-scale violence that made the region a central concern of European policy in the 1990s is ...

First ever Pride Parade in Kosovo

October 9, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

October 10 is going to be remembered as the day when the LGBT organisations of Kosovo organised the very first Pride Parade in the country. It will be ...

Balkan states sit in endless EU waiting room as Trieste summit begins

July 12, 2017, by Deutsche Welle

“The future of the Balkans is within the European Union.” European Union leaders made this declaration during the 2003 EU-Western Balkans ...

  • Kosovo votes on June 11 for new parliament
    June 11, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Early parliamentary elections are being held on June 11 in Kosovo. More than 1.8 million eligible voters will decide who will govern Kosovo in the next term of office. Part of […]

  • Serbia clashes with Kosovo at UN debate
    November 17, 2016, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Belgrade and Pristina have once again exchanged accusations, at a debate on Kosovo, at a UN Security Council meeting on November 16. “There cannot be reconciliation with neighbouring Serbia if […]