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About Us: The Sofia Globe

The Sofia Globe provides news, features, insight and analysis about Bulgaria, Central and Eastern Europe and the wider world according to the high professional standards of independence and objectivity that we have set ourselves in our Editorial Charter.

Editorial Charter

The Sofia Globe is intended for foreign and local readers with an interest in editorial content about, in order of priority, Bulgaria, Central and Eastern Europe, the European Union and the continent of Europe, and the wider world.

  1. The Sofia Globe puts first the interests of its readers, striving to provide them with journalism that is accurate, informed, unbiased and free of considerations of commercial or political influence.
  2. The Sofia Globe supports the values of a free and responsible media and supports the free exchange of facts, ideas and opinions.
  3. The Sofia Globe proceeds, without exception, in line with its code of ethics for journalists and code of conduct for all employees.
  4. The Sofia Globe will, at all times and without exception, identify content for which any form of payment has been made.
  5. The Sofia Globe will not align itself with any individual political party but will, on a non-partisan basis, promote the positive development of Bulgaria.
  6. The Sofia Globe may exercise corporate social responsibility through media partnerships with legitimate charities or other socially-worthy causes.
  7. The Sofia Globe may choose to support causes that are to the general benefit of the population.
  8. The Sofia Globe will never make itself party to any form of negative discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability but in contrast will promote the values of tolerance.


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Comments posted by the website’s visitors are independent of the editorial materials and do not represent the views of sofiaglobe.com. Sofia Globe Media Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the statements contained in comments by users of our forum.
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Legal Notice

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