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January 23, 2018, by Imanuel Marcus

The fact that the coalition of those in Bulgaria who are rejecting the Istanbul Convention is still growing, is causing disbelief within the country and abroad. The big question is […]

Bulgaria: What looks good to visiting EU Commissioners and what doesn’t

January 10, 2018, by Imanuel Marcus

When EU Commissioners come to Sofia, because of Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency, it does look good when that city actually has a proper road wh ...

Why the Bulgarian Government could be bolder – part 2

January 5, 2018, by Howard Rosen

My article posted on November 11 2017 created an amazing response: nearly 2000 people clicked through to The Sofia Globe from my LinkedIn posting. It ...

Human Rights: What can we hope for from the Bulgarian EU Presidency?

January 4, 2018, by The Sofia Globe staff

Krassimir Kanev is founder and chairman of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee​. In this opinion piece for “Liberties”, he analyses the rol ...

  • Bulgaria’s EU Presidency: High road and low road
    December 28, 2017, by Clive Leviev-Sawyer

    The commemorative coin and souvenir ties have run off the production lines, the main venue is prepared, and the priorities have been announced, while Bulgaria’s Cabinet ministers endlessly repeat the […]

  • Erdogan’s visit to Athens shapes his new policy agenda
    December 3, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been blamed for a lot (of situations in the past) and many could still accuse him over other things. After all, he has become […]

  • Bulgaria’s 2018 EU Presidency: Bedtime stories
    November 13, 2017, by Mark Thomas

    The acceleration of the date when Bulgaria will take over the seat of the EU Presidency from the first half of 2018 will no doubt have sent the local state […]