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May 21, 2019, by Lance Nelson

In Bansko in summer 2019, there is probably more going on than ever before, that I can remember. However, as I always say, there is more to Bulgaria than just […]

Bansko: Blue Bird day after 20cm snowfall – and a forecast for next week

February 24, 2019, by Lance Nelson

The FIS World Cup 2019 in Bulgaria’s ski resort Bansko has been a tremendous sporting spectacle but, it was somewhat ironic that the February 23 ...

International Skiing Federation World Cup races in Bansko February 22-24: Prices and info

February 16, 2019, by Lance Nelson

Bulgaria’s Bansko is hosting races in the International Skiing Federation (FIS) World Cup 2019 from February 22 to 24. This will be the eighth t ...

Cut-price ski passes for children as Bansko celebrates World Snow Day on January 20

January 18, 2019, by Lance Nelson

World Snow Day in Bansko comes around every year. And in 2019 it is on January 20, Sunday. Bansko ski resort is celebrating World Snow Day by reducing ...

  • Bitcoin surging to over $9200 fresh all-time highs
    November 26, 2017, by Lance Nelson

    New all-time highs of over $9200 for Bitcoin are being reached right now. The reason and timing for this $900 gain is unclear. Was it all the Bitcoin talk over […]