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November 15, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

The three European Union member states in south-eastern Europe were among the largest net recipients of personal transfers in the bloc in 2017 , the EU statistics body Eurostat said […]

Divers discover 2000-year-old sunken Roman ship off Pag, Croatia

August 24, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

While diving with tourists near the Croatian island of Pag, Vedran Dorušić, the president of the Diving Tourism Organisation at the Croatian Chambe ...

Croatia police accused of abusing refugees

August 17, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

International aid organizations have reported that Croatian police are using violence to push refugees back into neighboring Bosnia-Herzegovina. Croat ...

Serbs and Croats still segregated in Vukovar’s schools

August 8, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

Kristina Islentieva and Filip Rutko attend the same school. They have the same teachers. Yet they live in different worlds. They barely know each othe ...

  • Tensions in the Serbia-Croatia-Montenegro triangle
    August 8, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic recently compared 1990s Croatia with the Croatian puppet-state under Nazi occupation. On August 5, the Montenegrin military attaché in Croatia attended the official celebration of the […]

  • UN court convicts Vojislav Seselj of war crimes
    April 11, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Serbian Nationalist Leader Vojislav Seselj was convicted of wartime crimes on April 11 2018 by the UN court in The Hague. According to BIRN’s report, the UN court “partially overturned Serbian […]