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October 16, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

In Saint Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, currently a museum, there is scaffolding and noise. I visited the church, which boasts some of the most stunning medieval mosaics in Central Europe, […]

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Nationalist parties win parliamentary election

October 8, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

Croat, Muslim and Serb nationalist parties will dominate Bosnia’s complex government in the next four years. Pro-Russian Serb nationalist leader ...

Opinion: Macedonia’s bitter lesson

October 2, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

The clear failure of Macedonia’s referendum is bitter for many, even if the result is not binding. It is bitter for the government in Skopje, fo ...

Three Seas summit in Bucharest seeks backing from Western Europe

September 18, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

The Three Seas Initiative was launched two years ago at the behest of the Croatian and Polish governments. Those participating in the initiative inclu ...

  • Bulgarian judges consider extraditing German to Turkey
    September 12, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    Mehmet Y., who has dual German-Turkish citizenship, has been under house arrest in a Bulgarian hotel since September 5. Officials in Ankara want him extradited. If that request is granted, […]

  • Eurovision clashes with Israel as host country
    September 5, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    After organizers of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) toured Israel last week to scout for possible venues for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest — designating Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat […]

  • Croatia police accused of abusing refugees
    August 17, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    International aid organizations have reported that Croatian police are using violence to push refugees back into neighboring Bosnia-Herzegovina. Croatian authorities deny the accusations. A middle-aged man steps out of a […]

  • Opinion: The Erdogan-Trump rivalry turns dangerous
    August 16, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    Turkey is a country in crisis, the Lira’s freefall being a case in point. President Erdogan needs to tackle this, but a diplomatic row with the US could force him […]