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April 17, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

Tensions in the Western Balkans can only be overcome if all countries in the region join the European Union, says enlargement chief Johannes Hahn. The EU’s door should remain open […]

Milo Djukanovic’s DPS claims victory in Montenegro presidential election

April 16, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

Preliminary results indicate former Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has won more than 50 per cent of the vote, thus avoiding a run-off. The pro-Europea ...

Polls close in Montenegro presidential election

April 15, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

Sunday’s vote was seen as test for  long-time leader Milo Djukanovic, who favors European integration over closer ties to Montenegro’s tr ...

Croatia’s parliament ratifies Istanbul Convention, in spite of protests

April 14, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

Croatia’s parliament voted on April 13 2018 by 110-30 in favour of ratifying the Istanbul Convention, the world’s first binding treaty o ...

  • Hungarian ruling party leads in parliamentary election results
    April 9, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party Fidesz came away victorious in the April 8 2018  parliamentary elections, receiving 49.2 per cent of the vote,according to preliminary results. With 74 percent […]

  • In Hungary election voters face choice of nightmares
    April 6, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    Smiling politicians line Budapest’s grand avenues canvassing support ahead of April 8 elections. However, few are from Fidesz, Hungary’s ruling party since 2010. Instead, Fidesz billboards star the challengers to Prime [&hellip ...

  • Serb party quits the Kosovo government
    March 27, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    The Kosovo Serb minority party says it will withdraw from the Kosovo government after the dramatic arrest of a senior Serb politician. The move could spell the end of Prime […]

  • EU states agree on transparency rules to curb tax avoidance
    March 13, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    European Union finance ministers on backed on March 13 2018 transparency measures requiring financial advisers, accountants, lawyers and banks to report “potentially aggressive tax planning arrangements” used by their clients. [ ...