EU to decide on Brexit extension — but then what?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is waiting on the word from the other 27 EU heads of state and government on whether the October 31 Brexit date can be delayed. A decision, originally expected on Wednesday, is tentatively expected by Friday.

Johnson sent the request for a delay, albeit reluctantly and unsigned, over the weekend as the result of legislation that effectively forced his hand.

“Alas we cannot now know what the EU will do in response to the request from Parliament — I stress it wasn’t my request — to ask for a delay,” Johnson told the House of Commons.

The period suggested by the UK would last three months, to the end of January, with the option to terminate earlier if Members of Parliament (MPs) can finalize the Brexit process. But the decision — on whether to extend at all, and for how long — rests with the EU leaders.

European Council President Donald Tusk said that he would recommend granting a request, while German politicians have also indicated a willingness in theory.

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