Bulgaria’s Bansko ‘Best value ski resort in Europe’: Beyond the hype

Every year, in numerous articles in the media, Bulgaria’s Bansko is acclaimed the best value ski resort in Europe.

This year, it was the UK’s Post Office survey that made this claim. So it would be easy enough for me to write a puff piece about skiing in Bansko and how cheap it is here.

But joining the hype trail just feels wrong.

Full disclosure: Bansko App and Blog relies on readers’ booking transfers, ski and snowboard hire and lessons — as well as advertising and restaurant bookings — for its survival. So you could say that the more people who come to Bansko, the potentially better it is for me. But I have always striven to report on things that I believe are true and verify facts as much as possible.

While I accept I am no journalist, I do feel a responsibility to try to say how I see things. I provide a point of view that readers and viewers can trust. For example if the snow is bad, I’ll say so and often I advise that you may prefer to stay in bed than go out into the white out.

In short, it’s my job to go beyond the hype.

Bansko is best value. But what do you think?

This was the question I posted to the followers on my Facebook page after referring to Bansko being reported as best value in the media. Without exception, all the comments were negative about Bansko’s lift queues. Queues that diminished the enjoyment so much that many said they would not come back again for the 2018/19 ski season.

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(Screenshot from Bansko Blog livestream cam, taken in January 2018)



Lance Nelson

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