30 000 Bulgarians emigrated in 2015

Close to 30 000 Bulgarians emigrated in 2015, mainly to Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, according to a research institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

Of the nearly 30 000, 25 per cent went to Germany, and 14 per cent each to the UK and Spain.

Emigration by Bulgarians in 2015 exceeded immigration to the country.

There were about 25 000 immigrants, mainly from Turkey and Syria, according to the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

The precise number of Bulgarian emigrants last year was 29 470, of which 52 per cent were men. More than two-thirds of emigrants were of working age.

According to the research institute, 43.6 per cent of Bulgarians who left the country in 2015 were aged between 20 and 39. Just more than 25 per cent were in the 40 to 59 age group.

About 17.5 per cent of emigrants were younger than 20.

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