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March 16, 2016, by Jamie Dettmer of VOANews

He stood for hours in the middle of the train tracks crossing the northern Greek village of Idomeni, just metres from the closed Macedonian border, sometimes with a cigarette dangling […]

Bulgaria to slash diplomatic privileges for honorary consuls in the country

March 16, 2016, by Independent Balkan News Agency

Bulgaria will massively cut back the privileges accorded to honorary consuls in the country, stripping them of diplomatic privileges, diplomatic car l ...

Greece sets up three refugee camps near the Albanian border

March 16, 2016, by Independent Balkan News Agency

Greek authorities said that they are working hard to set up three new welcome centres for refugees in the area of Ioannina, a city on the border with ...

Bulgarian Parliament passes Judiciary Act amendments at first reading

March 16, 2016, by The Sofia Globe staff

Bulgarian MPs passed at first reading on March 16 amendments to the country’s Judiciary Act, which reflect the changes in the constitution, adop ...

  • Cyprus may torpedo EU-Turkey deal
    March 16, 2016, by Bernd Riegert of Deutsche Welle

    Two days before the next refugee summit between the EU and Turkey, it is far from certain that a deal will be struck. EU member Cyprus, which is not recognized […]