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November 10, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

Bulgarian Border Police have imposed a temporary restriction on people entering an area along the Maritsa River at the Bulgarian-Greek border for safety reasons, given a recent increase in illegal […]

Bulgarian Interior Minister: Attempted illegal border crossings from Turkey, Greece increased in August-October

October 26, 2018, by Independent Balkan News Agency

Between August and October 24, there was an increase in attempts to illegally cross the border into Bulgaria from Turkey and Greece, Interior Minister ...

European Parliament committee proposes ‘European Humanitarian Visa’

October 10, 2018, by The Sofia Globe staff

The European Parliament’s civil liberties committee has called for the establishment of a “European Humanitarian Visa” for which asy ...

1510 asylum applications were pending in Bulgaria in August 2018 – Eurostat

September 26, 2018, by The Sofia Globe staff

The number of people subject to asylum applications in Bulgaria in August 2018 was 1510, down from 4655 in August 2017, according to figures released ...

  • Croatia police accused of abusing refugees
    August 17, 2018, by Deutsche Welle

    International aid organizations have reported that Croatian police are using violence to push refugees back into neighboring Bosnia-Herzegovina. Croatian authorities deny the accusations. A middle-aged man steps out of a […]