Macedonia elections: Parties raise suspicions about voters’ rolls

Ahead of the presidential and early parliamentary elections to be held in Macedonia in April 2014, suspicions have been raised about manipulation and fraud regarding the number of voters.

The largest opposition party LSDM (Social Democratic Macedonian League) said on March 18 that it had filed a complaint to the State Election Commission about the accuracy of data on 20 000 people who are on the electoral list. This number of voters belongs to 22 municipalities and communes in the country.

“We suspect that a part of these people are either dead or the majority of them no longer live in Macedonia, or the majority of them do not live at the addresses registered on the electoral list,” LSDM said.

The party demanded that SEC urgently verify the factual state of these people and act in accordance with its legal obligations.

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(Photo: Dominik Tefert)