Greece and Troika clinch long-awaited deal

Following talks which lasted more than six months, the Greek government has reached an agreement with troika officials paving the way for the disbursements of the next tranche of the international bailout programme to Greece, to be approved at an informal Eurogroup meeting due to take place in Athens on April 1 2014.

Much of the loan money will cover Greek government debt payments totaling about 9.3 billion euro due in May.

Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras announced on March 17 that the two sides shook hands on a long-awaited deal that will see Samaras distribute a large portion of the country’s primary surplus to low income Greeks.

“More than 500 million euro will be given immediately to one million Greeks,” Samaras said.

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(Photo of Samaras: EC Audiovisual Service)