Hungarian far-right Jobbik party dismisses Romania’s entry ban

The far-right and ultra-nationalist Hungarian party Jobbik will not accept the ban imposed by the Romanian government on two of its members from entering Romanian territory after violent protests last week.

On March 17, the Romanian interior ministry named four Hungarian citizens deemed to have been directly involved in last week’s protests in Targu Mures, during a march for autonomy of the Magyar minority.

The four Hungarians are Tyrityan Zsolt, Zagyva Gyorgy Gyula, Szavay Istvan and Mikola Bela. Zsolt is a member of the so-called “Outlaws’ Army”, Gyula is a member and MP of Jobbik, Istvan, also a Jobbik member and Hungarian lawmaker, while Bela is a member of the “New Magyar Guard” organisation. They are all banned from entering Romania for one year.

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(Photo: Orlovic)