Ametov, murdered Crimean Tatar, called first victim of Russian occupation

His name is Reshat Ametov, a 38-year-old Crimean Tatar, and many here suspect he is the first victim of Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

And they fear he will not be the last.

Thousands of Crimean Tatars attended the funeral on March 18 of Ametov, a human rights activist who disappeared on March 3 in Simferopol. His body, showing signs of torture, was found two weeks later.

After Ametov took part in a meeting to support the EuroMaidan Revolution on March 3, a local TV crew filmed him standing in silent protest before uniformed Russian-backed armed men and Crimean self-defence forces surrounding the Cabinet of Ministers building in Simferopol.

“He was just standing there and they took him away,” Ametov’s mother, Refika Ametova, told the Kyiv Post.

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(Mourners at the March 18 funeral in Simferopol, Crimea of Reshat Ametov, a 38-year-old Crimean Tatar. His beaten body was found on March 17, two weeks after he disappeared, and some suspect that he fell victim to pro-Russian soldiers or civilian “self-defence” guards. Photo: Anastasia Vlasova)