Foreign Minister of North Macedonia expects understanding with Bulgaria on history will be reached

Speaking to the media in Skopje, North Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said that he expects that an understanding will be reached between his country and Bulgaria on historical issues, Bulgarian National Radio reported on June 26.

“I am convinced that Macedonian success in the sense of European integration is very important for our neighbour and friend Bulgaria, and we will find a way not only not to be an obstacle, but also to be a promoter, as at last year’s General Affairs Council, and the most recent, which took place in Luxembourg,” Dimitrov said.

Relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia have become considerably more cordial in recent years, with the long-awaited good neighbourliness agreement, but there has been a sticky patch lately over the respective historical views on 19th century revolutionary Gotse Delchev.

A joint commission of historians from the two countries has not achieved consensus on Gotse Delchev.

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(Archive photo, of Nikola Dimitrov and Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva earlier in June 2019: