Bulgarian FM: ‘Not only Bulgaria doesn’t want to host the refugees’

Migration has “unfortunately been the most divided topic” in the EU, the Bulgarian Foreign Minister told DW, following the end of the country’s term as president of the Council of the EU.

Ekaterina Zaharieva, also Bulgaria’s deputy prime minister for judicial reform, said the EU is partially to blame for the crisis. “We weren’t prepared for the first crisis. None of the European member states was prepared.”

After months of dispute within the bloc over migration, EU leaders recently agreed on a deal that proposes building closed reception centers in EU countries that volunteered to have them, as well as putting up screening centers in several North African countries.

But Zaharieva criticized the bloc’s commitment to countries with external EU borders, saying, “Is it solidarity that only the external border countries accept all of the refugees or illegal migrants that want to come into Europe? It’s not solidarity.”

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(Photo: mfa.bg)