Bulgaria begins roadshows on the country’s 2018 EU Presidency

A series of meetings with Bulgarians in various towns to answer their questions about the country’s priorities for its 2018 Presidency of the Council of the European Union begins on September 26.

A statement by the ministry in charge of the presidency said that minister Liliyana Pavlova and the deputy minister for relations with the European Parliament, Monika Panayotova, would be involved in the meetings.

The public discussions are taking place in partnership with the European Commission’s Europe Direct, the information service on EU policies.

The first of the series of meetings is taking place in the Bulgarian town of Kyustendil, where Pavlova will present the priorities and messages of the Bulgarian EU Presidency – “what precisely the Europe of consensus means, what our goals in the field of competitiveness are, why cohesion is important in each of our lives”.

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