Thousands of migrants ‘disappear’ from Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry, refugee agency centres – report

Thousands of migrants have “disappeared” from Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry distribution centres and State Agency for Refugees camps in the past six months, while European Union countries to the west want Bulgaria to take more than 10 000 people back, a report on March 13 said.

Those who had “disappeared” probably managed to cross the border in people-trafficking operations and reached Western Europe, in spite of the claims of Bulgaria’s government of strengthened border control, and the closed border with Serbia, daily Sega said.

Official records show that in January 2017, more than 2210 foreigners left, and 903 in February. Even the severely harsh cold weather, which saw huge snowfalls and prolonged sub-zero temperatures, did not stop the flow.

Since early March 2017, a total of 387 people are reported to have left.

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(Photo: Ben Melrose/V Photo Agency)