Siderov: Bulgaria’s nationalist ‘patriotic bloc’ will stand united in 2017 parliamentary elections

Bulgaria’s far-right Ataka party leader Volen Siderov said on December 4 that the group of nationalist formations that had a joint ticket in the presidential elections would again stand together in the country’s early parliamentary elections in 2017.

This was a further confirmation of what the parties of the “United Patriots” said at an election night news conference in November, after their presidential candidate placed third with 14.97 per cent of the vote.

In all, a total of 573 016 Bulgarians voted for that ticket, headed by Patriotic Front co-leader and one of the current National Assembly’s deputy speakers, Krassimir Karakachanov, leader of the nationalist VMRO party.

In Bulgaria’s November 2016 presidential elections, VMRO and Valeri Simeonov’s National Movement for the Salvation of Bulgaria, and Siderov’s Ataka, put aside their past enmities to support the Karakachanov candidacy, in which Ataka’s Yavor Notev was the vice-presidential candidate. Extra-parliamentary formations such as the extreme far-right Bulgarian National Union also supported the joint ticket.

Buoyed by the performance, the “United Patriots” vowed to continue co-operation, in Parliament and beyond.

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