Survey: 9 out of 10 refugees want to return home

The vast majority of the refugees say they would like to return home at some point when the war has ended, according to the Kappa Research survey for ENPE, as nine out of 10 have left behind at least one family member, and half of them have property there.

Interestingly enough, only 36.3 per cent had to leave their homes because of ISIS.

In contrast, 56.6 per cent left because of the regime/government (56.6 per cent), 22.4 per cent because of the Syrian Liberation Army, etc.

Furthermore, seven out of 10 are travelling with a relative or a person familiar to them. For most (62.8 per cent), the journey has lasted less than 30 days, while six out of 10 have stayed for more than 10 days in a transit country accommodation – probably in Turkey.

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(Photo: UNHCR/M Henley)