Bulgaria detained 10 406 third-country nationals for illegally entering the country in 2015 – Border Police

Bulgaria took into custody 10 406 non-EU citizens for illegally entering the country in 2015, a figure 73 per cent higher than in 2014, according to an official report by the Border Police.

Most of those detained in 2015 were from Syria, 5331, Iraq, 2481, Afghanistan, 2132, Pakistan, 216, and Iran 63.

The largest number, 7193, were detained at Bulgaria’s border with Turkey, and the rest at other border crossings.

The report, figures from which were posted on the Bulgarian Border Police website, said that 467 foreigners were detained at the Bulgarian-Greek border while entering Bulgaria illegally, 43 per cent more than in 2014.

Border Police detained 11 805 citizens of non-EU countries attempting to leave Bulgaria illegally in 2015, four times more than in 2014. Of this number, 11 012 were held at the border with Serbia, six times more than in 2014.

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