Hundreds from Macedonia fined for voting unlawfully in Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections – report

Hundreds of dual passport holders from Macedonia who have Bulgarian passports have been fined for voting unlawfully in Bulgaria’s May 2014 European Parliament elections because they failed to satisfy the legal requirement of domicile, reports on January 13 2016 said.

To be eligible to vote in the elections, Bulgarian law requires that a citizen must have lived in Bulgaria or another EU member state for three months before the vote.

In the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, there were 283 cases of people from the former Yugoslav republic who, in Skopje and Bitola, voted illegally in Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections.

At this point, plea bargains had been concluded with 85 people, all of them sentenced to a fine of 300 leva – about 150 euro – according to Blagoevgrad Regional Prosecutor Borislav Kovachky, Darik Radio reported.

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