Film review: Fifty Shades of Grey

In Seattle, the city that is always wet, not just moist, the still-virginal English Literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) arrives at a towering monster of a skyscraper, where she interviews the jaw-droppingly handsome owner of the company, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Despite an icy, no-nonsense exterior, Grey almost immediately takes a fancy to her, and it is not long before he tracks her down late at night and makes her his. She also clearly wants him, as we see her not very subtly sticking a pencil, with the word “GREY” clearly emblazoned on the side, into her mouth.

Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the first volume of E.L. James’s runaway success trilogy, is both as titillating and as bland as we could have expected. Not quite the Da Vinci Code travesty that we feared, it nonetheless contains very little sex and even less insight into the characters, whose motivations almost always seem to be veiled behind a bashful smile or a pregnant pause. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson does a respectable job of presenting the story with a straight face, and the two main actors are astonishingly professional; however, the narrative starts to sag around the halfway mark, and not even a few bouts of action in a bondage room can whip the puffy events into anything substantial.

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* Fifty Shades of Grey will premiere on circuit at major cinemas in Bulgaria from February 13 2015, under the title Петдесет нюанса сиво.