Film review: The Bourne Legacy

It seemed like a really silly idea to try to continue the Bourne film franchise without Matt Damon starring in the lead role as Jason Bourne. As it turns out, we were right: It was a silly idea.

Perhaps director Tony Gilroy, who also penned this and the other three Bourne films, was the only person who could credibly develop the franchise with this fourth, but it was a lost cause from the outset. At first, the film shows some promise, as a storyline from The Bourne Ultimatum, in particular, appears in the background, and we realize that the secret operation called Treadstone was not the only one run by U.S. intelligence services.

Gilroy dreams up a raft of other operations, including LARX and Outcome, the latter of which produced Special Agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), whose survival in the Alaskan wilderness during the opening moments of the film quickly establishes him as the heir apparent to Jason Bourne.

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(Jeremy Renner at the Australian premiere of The Bourne Legacy, photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)