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August 22, 2012, by VOANews

Russia became the 156th member of the World Trade Organization on Wednesday, following nearly two decades of negotiations. Russia was one of the world’s last major economies to join the […]

Bulgarian railways chief executive resigns

August 22, 2012, by The Sofia Globe staff

Yordan Nedev, the chief executive of Bulgaria’s state railways BDZ, has resigned citing the continued delays in the payment of the state subsidy to ...

French cabinet mulls lifting work restrictions on Bulgarians, Romanians

August 22, 2012, by The Sofia Globe staff

French prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on August 22 that he was in favour of lifting the work restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals a ...

Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras

Greek PM says country not seeking more money

August 22, 2012, by VOANews

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is seeking to reassure the country’s international creditors, saying Greece is not looking for any addition ...

  • Foreign journalist killed, two others missing in Syria
    August 22, 2012, by VOANews

    A Japanese journalist who was traveling with Syrian rebels has died after being caught in gunfire, while two Alhurra TV journalists who may have been with her are missing. Japan’s […]

  • Candidate’s rape comment rekindles US abortion debate
    August 22, 2012, by Alex Villarreal of VOANews

    A U.S. Republican lawmaker’s statement this week that “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy has pushed the abortion debate to the forefront of the U.S. presidential race. Republicans, including presidential contender [ ...

  • NASA rover ready for drive on Mars
    August 22, 2012, by VOANews

    The U.S. Mars rover Curiosity is set to go for its first drive. NASA says it will tell the car-sized robotic vehicle to drive forward three meters on Wednesday, before […]