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September 28, 2012, by The Sofia Globe staff

Two Bulgarian MPs tabled on September 28 a bill of amendments to the Health Act that would repeal the ban on smoking in indoor public spaces and certain outdoor areas, […]

Bulgaria’s Chief Mufti announces Week of Mosques

September 28, 2012, by The Sofia Globe staff

The Chief Mufti, spiritual leader of Bulgaria’s Muslims, has announced that a Week of Mosques is to be held in the country from October 1 to 17 ...

Motor vehicle trade grew 65 per cent in Bulgaria in 2011, Eurostat says

September 28, 2012, by The Sofia Globe staff

There was a 65 per cent growth in the motor vehicle trade in Bulgaria in 2011, according to statistics from European Union statistics agency Eurostat, ...

US scientists: clear evidence Mars had flowing water

September 28, 2012, by VOANews

U.S. scientists say pictures sent back from the Curiosity probe on Mars show clear evidence that water — essential for life — once flowed on the p ...

  • Belene: an unfinished play of indeterminate length
    September 28, 2012, by Alex Bivol

    Bulgaria’s autumn political drama season got off to a relatively quiet start, a calm before the storm of debates stirred each year by Budget draft proposals. But for the past […]

  • Further austerity measures specified in Spain’s budget
    September 28, 2012, by Caroline Arbour VOANews

    The Spanish government presented its 2013 budget Thursday, detailing spending cuts for ministries, new taxes and reforms that total about $51 billion. The austerity measures may embolden protesters who have […]