Floods bring risk of outbreak of infectious diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to struggle with the consequences of the worst floods that occurred in South Eastern Europe, a new concern is emerging after the situation has slightly improved with the rain stopping.

In addition to people who died, landslides have moved houses and landmines left over from the war in the 1990s, causing damage to road infrastructure and other faculties, but at the moment the biggest concern is the possible outbreak of diseases in the country as temperature rise. Water is polluted and dead animals lie in flooded areas.

Moreover, the streets of the affected areas are full of waste materials that the water has carried out or that people threw out of their houses because these things were under water and they represent a potential source of infection. The waste materials attract rats, dogs and flies, which can transmit various diseases.

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(Photo: EC/ECHO/EEAS/EU-Delegation)