Ukraine: Alleged Russian Colonel Strelkov makes public appearance as self-proclaimed chief of ‘Donbass People’s Militia’

The man who Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) wants most in eastern Ukraine, alleged Russian Military Intelligence Colonel Igor Strelkov, has emerged beyond command-and-control recordings to give a news conference in the restive city of Sloviansk on April 26, reported Life News, a Russian media outlet.

Video footage shows him dressed in military fatigue with a Saint George ribbon tied to his left arm as the self-proclaimed commander of the “Donbass People’s Militia.” Sitting beside Denis Pushilin, who calls him the chairman of “People’s Republic of Donbass,” the Russian acknowledged that the SBU on April 25 had detained self-proclaimed Sloviansk Deputy Mayor Ihor Perepychayenko in Donetsk Airport.

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