Priština expects to strike a new deal with Belgrade

The Kosovo government says that within the month of February, it is expecting to strike a new deal with Belgrade in relation to the agreement between the two countries.

Kosovo prime minister Hashim Thaçi confirmed on February 3 that there will be a fresh meeting on February 12 between him and his Serb counterpart, Ivica Dačić, with the brokerage of European Union.

“We will meet again on February 12. We will discuss the possibilities of improvement in the justice system in the north. I hope that this agreement is reached. We have the full support of the EU,” Thaçi said.

Thaçi based his conviction that a new agreement would be achieved with Belgrade on the talks that he had on February 2 in Munich with senior officials of the EU and US.

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(Photo of Thaçi: EC Audiovisual Service)