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June 24, 2015, by Al Pessin of VOANews

A proposal from the Greek government could be the basis of a deal with its creditors to avoid default on a large payment due to the International Monetary Fund next […]

G7 leaders affirm Russia sanctions

June 8, 2015, by Al Pessin of VOANews

The leaders of seven of the world’s most powerful countries agreed on Monday to toughen sanctions on Russia, if necessary, to press for a political ...

Skopje protests underscore Balkan tensions

May 20, 2015, by Al Pessin of VOANews

Protest marches on consecutive days in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, brought tens of thousands of people into the streets this week, some to call fo ...

Rebels press assault in eastern Ukraine

January 30, 2015, by Al Pessin of VOANews

Fighting continued Thursday in the northern sector of the former cease-fire line in eastern Ukraine as Russian-backed rebels pressed their offensive a ...

  • the parliament of Greece in capital city Athens
    Greece could shift to left in election
    January 24, 2015, by Al Pessin of VOANews

    Greek voters will cast ballots on Sunday to elect a new parliament, with opinion polls indicating they could put a leftist party in power that would take a harder line […]

  • Human traffickers challenge Europe
    January 3, 2015, by Al Pessin of VOANews

    Human traffickers are using a new tactic to combat a change in Italy’s approach to dealing with asylum-seekers, leaving a new wave of refugees, mainly from Syria, abandoned in ships […]

  • Russian moves provide new mission for Nato
    December 29, 2014, by Al Pessin of VOANews

    Russia’s more aggressive military posture in Europe during the past year has pushed Nato to take new steps to strengthen its defenses, providing it, analysts say, with a much-needed new […]

  • Ukrainians to vote on October 26 in key election
    October 22, 2014, by Al Pessin of VOANews

    Ukrainian voters go to the polls on Sunday October 26 2014 to elect a new parliament, the last political step in the revolution that started nearly a year ago. The […]