Greece looking to attach conditions to fresh loan

Reports emerged in Greece on February 3 indicating Athens will not sign up for a third Eurozone bailout deal – which involves accepting to implement fresh fiscal measures under a new memorandum with its lenders – unless certain terms are attached to it.

A top finance ministry official was quoted in the press as saying the government would be positive to a new loan, however, any arrangement would have to involve no new austerity measures but only corrective (structural) ones.

The same official also said a clandestine meeting held in Brussels last week on the future of the Greek economy and how to deal with a huge public debt was “for the good” of the country.

Meanwhile, a German government spokesman brushed away a Der Spiegel report over the weekend, according to which a third aid package of 10 or 20 billion euro could be extended to Greece in exchange for more economic reform commitments.

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(Photo: Steve Ford/