Bulgarian socialist leader Stanishev slams ‘traitors’ backing Purvanov project

Harsh language has streamed from Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Sergei Stanishev and his allies in condemnation of the rival election candidate list planned by Georgi Purvanov for the May 2014 European Parliament election.

Purvanov, leader of the BSP before his two terms as head of state and who previously failed in his bid to get the party leadership back from his former protege Stanishev, has revived his ABC movement with former foreign minister Ivailo Kalfin named to head the movement’s EP election candidate list.

At a scheduled national conference on January 19, Stanishev labelled Kalfin’s actions in quitting as head of the Bulgarian Socialist group in the European Parliament and working with Purvanov as a “grave political error”, in the service of centre-right opposition party GERB and as “political schizophrenia”.

Stanishev loyalist Anton Kutev said that Purvanov had transformed himself from the grey cardinal of the party into a “political corpse”.

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