As protests in Ukraine fade, focus turns to elections

Reports indicate that although there are still thousands of protesters occupying government buildings and Independence Square in the capital, Kyiv, the immediate effort to force Yanukovych from office has peaked.

This comes after weeks of demonstrations that followed Yanukovych’s decision to scrap a planned trade agreement with the European Union and instead forge closer ties with Russia, which last month agreed to cut the price of gas it sells to Ukraine and buy $15 billion worth of government bonds.

According to Christian Haerpfer, a Ukraine analyst at the University of Aberdeen, the president had proved himself “tough enough to withstand the pressure from [the protesters]” calling on the president and his government to leave office.

“It won’t help to sit there [in Independence Square] for the next three months asking him to resign; he won’t resign,” he told the Prague Post.

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(Photo: Yvo Bojkov)