Kyiv, Ukraine: No blood but plenty of terror as police grapple for control

Amid news that embattled Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych would support a roundtable with opposition leaders to negotiate an end to a political stalemate here, riot police pushed protesters out of the government block, where they barricaded administrative buildings.

Although there were only minor conflicts reported, Dec. 9 was psychologically exhausting for protesters who spent the day alert and fearing attacks. But major physical crackdowns only took place in the offices of Batkivshchyna, the biggest political party, and several media outlets. Armed with automatic rifled, police confiscated servers from Batkivshchyna offices, claiming that the move was backed by a court order.

Officials had given protesters occupying central government buildings until today to evacuate or face crackdowns. But by nightfall protesters remained camped out inside the Kyiv city hall and Trade Union buildings.

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(Photo: Ivan Bandura/