Chevron resumes shale gas exploration in Eastern Romania amid protests

US company Chevron announced on December 2 2013 that it had resumed exploration works in the Vaslui County, in Eastern Romania, after a month during which it suspended work because of protests by villagers who clashed with gendarmes today as the former sought to block the equipment.

“Chevron can confirm it has resumed operations in the Silistea perimeter in the Pungesti commune, Vaslui County. Chevron intends to do only exploration works, using conventional technologies (…) according to the permits we obtained early October 2013,” the company said in a media statement. It said that the company will observe all the environmental agreements and will seek to engage the local community in order to lay the basis for a positive and constructive dialogue.

The authorities mobilised a large number of police, gendarmes and firemen as locals sought to block the road and prevent Chevron’s equipment from reaching the exploration perimeter. About 30 protesters were detained for identification by gendarmes and as the number of demonstrators increased, some locals accused the police of using force to remove them.

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