Romanians’ trust in secret services on the rise, Church loses ground

Romanians’ trust in the state security apparatus has been growing while their confidence in the Church and political parties has been on the wane, a recently published poll shows.

As concerns the political institutions, Romanians trust the town hall the most (37.9 per cent), down from 41.3  per cent in May when the previous polls was done, followed by the Constitutional Court (35.7  per cent), Romania’s highest judicial court whose popularity is up from 32.7 % in May, and the government (35.6 per cent), down from 37.3 per cent four months ago, the poll done by INSCOP reveals.

The parliament has a popularity rate of merely 25.8 per cent while political parties trail in the poll with 14.7 per cent of Romanians’ trust.

The army leads the rankings as concerns the popularity of the executive institutions, with a 64.6 per cent rate of confidence, followed by the National Bank (50 per cent), the Romanian Home Intelligence Service (SRI – 48 per cent), the foreign intelligence service (SIE – 47.6 per cent), the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA – 47.4 per cent) and the police (45 per cent), all of them with a higher rate of confidence compared to previous polls.

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(Photo: Florin Garoi)