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April 23, 2015, by The Warsaw Voice

FBI Director James Comey said, in a handwritten letter that was handed to the Polish Ambassador in Washington Ryszard Schnepf yesterday, that he regrets his remarks suggesting that Poland shared […]


Poland to buy Patriot missiles, Airbus helicopters

April 22, 2015, by The Warsaw Voice

The Polish government will negotiate the purchase of Raytheon’s Patriot system for its planned missile defence shield with the American government, ...


Polish authorities shocked by words of FBI head

April 20, 2015, by The Warsaw Voice

Polish prime minister Ewa Kopacz said FBI Director James Comey’s words were “unacceptable” in Poland, referring to remarks he made in a ...


Thousands march in Auschwitz in memory of Holocaust victims

April 17, 2015, by The Warsaw Voice

About 10 000 young people from around the world came to Oswiecim (Auschwitz in German) in southern Poland on April 17 2015 to take part in the 27th ...

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    Poland and US conduct joint Patriot missile drill
    March 23, 2015, by The Warsaw Voice

    A Patriot missile battery from US Army Europe accompanied by 100 US soldiers and 30 vehicles was deployed on Saturday in Sochaczew, close to Warsaw for a joint air and […]