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  • Ukraine president to talk with opposition
    January 20, 2014, by VOANews

    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has promised to talk with the opposition after a day of bloody violence. More than 100,000 anti-government demonstrators marched in Kyiv Sunday against new laws restricting […]

  • Protesters, police clash in Ukrainian capital
    January 19, 2014, by VOANews

    Protesters clashed with riot police in Kyiv on Sunday, as up to 100,000 Ukrainians massed in defiance of new laws aimed at stamping out anti-government demonstrations.A group of radical activists […]

  • Ukrainians protest in defiance of new law
    January 19, 2014, by VOANews

    Tens of thousands of demonstrators have massed in central Kyiv in defiance of Ukraine’s new legislation that significantly limits their right to protest. Sunday’s rally came after supporters of President […]

  • Central and Eastern Europe in 2013: Emerging and submerging
    January 6, 2014, by Clive Leviev-Sawyer

    There were record floods, changes of government, protests – lots of those – and the European Union got larger by one member. Croatia voted against gay marriage, Ukraine’s president hitched […]

  • A month later, EuroMaidan beat goes on
    December 22, 2013, by The Kyiv Post

    A month ago, on November 21, people took to the streets in protest against the government’s decision to abandon a far-reaching political and trade agreement with the European Union. On […]

  • Yanukovych dodges details on Russia deal
    December 20, 2013, by Oksana Grytsenko of The Kyiv Post

    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych did not hide his joy when he boasted “definitely lucrative” deals that he reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but failed to explain the details. He […]

  • Putin makes bold move to keep Ukraine in Moscow’s orbit
    December 18, 2013, by James Brooke VOA Moscow Bureau Chief

    Moving aggressively to keep Ukraine in Moscow’s sphere of influence, Russia’s president has offered Ukraine $15 billion in loans and a sharp discount on natural gas prices. Vladimir Putin made […]