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    After Boston bombings, Putin calls for US-Russia intelligence sharing
    April 26, 2013, by James Brooke VOA Moscow Bureau Chief

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has often complained that he battles alone against terrorism by Islamic extremists. Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Washington and Moscow Thursday to share security information […]

  • Russia bans 18 US citizens
    April 14, 2013, by VOANews

    Russia has released a list of 18 Americans banned from Russian soil in response to a similar move by the U.S. a day earlier when Washington released a list of […]

  • Bad news for Russian tourists and Croatian tour operators
    April 10, 2013, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Only a week after the Croatian government amended the regulation on the visa system and imposed visa requirements for Russia and Turkey, the bad news arrived from Russia: only 50 […]

  • Russia’s Winter Olympics to break spending records
    April 3, 2013, by James Brooke VOA Moscow Bureau Chief

    It is the largest construction site in Europe: 100,000 men and 500 companies are working around the clock. They are building hotels, skating rinks and ski jumps for next year’s […]

  • Russia Watch: Russia loses Cyprus
    March 31, 2013, by James Brooke VOA Moscow Bureau Chief

    Russia suffered a major defeat last week. And no one noticed. But the setback was so striking that President Vladimir Putin picked up the phone at 4 am on Thursday […]

  • Takeover of Volksbank signals Russian bank strength
    March 31, 2013, by Daniel Bardsley for The Prague Post

    A new sign in black and a striking interior in green: The recently unveiled Sberbank branch in the center of Prague is certainly trying to stand out. The significance of […]

  • Cyprus crisis burns Russian investors
    March 28, 2013, by James Brooke VOA Moscow Bureau Chief

    For years, construction companies in Cyprus lured Russians to invest in the Mediterranean island. Over the last decade, 40,000 Russians moved to Cyprus. They now make up five per cent […]