Unemployment in Bulgaria was 4.5% in July 2019 – Eurostat

Unemployment in Bulgaria was 4.5 per cent in July 2019, the same percentage it has been every month since April 2019, according to figures released on August 30 by European Union statistics agency Eurostat.

The July 2019 unemployment figure in Bulgaria is down from 5.2 per cent in July 2018, Eurostat said.

In July 2018, there were an estimated 174 000 unemployed people in Bulgaria. The figure for July 2019 was estimated to be 152 000.

Youth unemployment in Bulgaria in July 2019 was 12.3 per cent, slightly up from the 12 per cent in June 2019 but down from 13.2 per cent July 2018, according to Eurostat.

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(Photo: Mark Puplava/freeimages.com)