Bulgaria’s Bansko: Events in summer 2019

In Bansko in summer 2019, there is probably more going on than ever before, that I can remember.

However, as I always say, there is more to Bulgaria than just Bansko, so I recommend you take a trip to Plovdiv, Sofia, the Bear Park, Melnik and many more — click here for the Plovdiv tour and scroll down the articles for all the activities and tours. Contact us for great value private transfers from 56 euro total one way from Sofia to Bansko and car hire either from Bansko or from Sofia Airport.

Coca Cola The Voice Happy Energy Tour

This high energy show is a first for Bansko. Expect scantily clad ladies singing pretty awful pop songs. But hey, after a few drinks it will probably be entertaining enough. More info https://www.facebook.com/CC.Happy.Energy.Tour/

The Bansko International Jazz Fest

It’s a few days shorter this year. I love the Jazz Fest event (from August 6 to 10 2019) but I would prefer the music genre to cross over to blues as well as jazz. Blues widens the scope of music into a wider cross section of the population, including me.

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Lance Nelson

Lance Nelson is co-owner of Zavedenia.bg and Bansko Blog. Contact: X @bansko