Eurostat: 32.8% of Bulgarians aged 30-34 have tertiary education

In Bulgaria, 32.8 per cent of people aged 30-34 had a tertiary level of education in 2017, below the European Union average of 40 per cent, according to figures released by EU statistics agency Eurostat on January 24 to mark the International Day of Education.

In 2017, 33.4 per cent in the 25-34 age bracket in Bulgaria had tertiary education, Eurostat said.

For the 35-44 age bracket, the figure was 29.6 per cent and for the 45-54 age bracket, it was 25.1 per cent.

In Bulgaria in the 30-34 age bracket, there was a notable difference regarding men and women when it came to tertiary education. For men in Bulgaria, the figure was 25.5 per cent while for women the figure was 40.5 per cent.

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