Opinion: The hideous face of communism is alive and well in Romania

There is an old line that comes from the days of Romania’s “Socialist realism” style of literary-ideological manipulation: “The party is in everything: in all the things that are right now and in all things the sun will smile on tomorrow!”

That sentiment, from the darkest times of Romania’s communist dictatorship, is true again today — 29 years almost to the day after the fall of communism in the southeastern European country. Or rather, it remains true.

The governing party, PSD — the abbreviation actually stands for Social Democratic Party — rules in an absolutist manner and continues its attacks against the European Union and the rule of law.

It sees any betrayal of the PSD as a betrayal of Romania. With this and similar nationalist and populist messages, the PSD is steering the cart — that is, Romania — back into the depths of the Ceausescu dictatorship.

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(PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has taken to blaming the EU, foreign countries, and other alleged bogeymen for Romania’s woes. Photo: psd.ro)