Parliament in Kosovo votes in favour of the creation of an army

The parliament of Kosovo voted on December 14 in favour of the three bills which enable the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into a force with military capacities.

With 106 votes in favour and one abstention, MPs voted the bill for the Ministry of Defence and then continued with the voting of the bill for the Kosovo Security Force and the bill for the Service at the Kosovo Security Force.

Kosovo Security Force which will keep the same name, is expected to have 5000 active troops and 3000 reserve troops.

Today’s voting was considered to be a historical decision by political representatives in Kosovo and by the US ambassador to Pristina, Philip Kosnett who before the voting said that “the security of a country depends on the quality of its security relations and peaceful relations with neibouring countries, but also on the strength and professionalism of its armed forces”.

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