‘Macedonia’ name dispute: Zaev foresees solution before June 2018 European Council meeting

Speaking in Skopje, Zoran Zaev said that he believes that the name issue will be solved very soon.

Asked about when the phone call between him and the Greek premier Alexis Tsipras will take place, he said that probably he will make it but does not know when or what time this will be exactly.

“It is possible that we call Athens and I hope this will be soon enough. I do not wish to make comments on other issues different from the announcement by (our) Foreign Ministry. This read that we are very close to a solution, but it is important that this solution is a sustainable and viable one and also 100 per cent guaranteed for the future generations, which will build a friendship very probably thanks to the deal that we will reach. As you can see, I remain optimistic, although it is not easy. It is a very delicate and important issue,” Zaev said.

He added that he would wish this phone call could be made even tomorrow. However, there is time until the European Council on June 28-29 and the Ministerial Summit before it, on June 25-26, that as he noted, are working as a deadline because of which the matter should be solved earlier than later.

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(Photo: vlada.mk)