At least 45 Kremlin-backed insurgents killed in Donetsk; government in control of airport, railway

A trip on May 27 to the morgue in Donetsk, the capital of Ukraine’s most populous oblast, confirms that the war against Kremlin-backed insurgents – the government would say terrorists – has intensified. A doctor counted 45 corpses. Most were separatist gunmen but at least two were civilian casualties.

Later in the day, Donetsk Mayor Oleskandr Lukyanchenko and other officials put the number at 50 people dead in the May 26-27 fighting, with numerous injuries. One investigator said that, of at least 43 injured in hospitals, eight are residents of Russia, eight are from Donetsk, others are from Russia-annexed Crimea, while the the home locations of 18 others haven’t been established.

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(Photo: Ukraine defence ministry)