Erdogan leads Turkey to snap elections; the economy and Aksener his top priorities

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan surprised even his close associates with his decision to go to snap polls. Immediately after meeting with his election partner, the president of the Nationalist Action Party, he announced the relevant date of the presidential election, June 24.

“Diseases of the old political system appear in every step we make, elections are needed to take necessary steps for the immediate future for the country in the most powerful way,” Erdogan said.    

The forthcoming elections will mark the beginning of a historic transition of the Turkish regime. The winner of the presidential election – Erdogan will most probably be the winner – will enjoy dramatically strengthened powers as they were adopted by a marginal majority in the referendum of April 2017. In fact, the President will be able to govern the country by presidential decrees and the exercise of his veto.

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