German election results live: Angela Merkel’s CDU largest party, record low for SPD, AfD to be third power in Bundestag

What we know so far: 
— Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats stretch their lead as the strongest force in parliament, despite a nine-percent dip compared to their 2013 haul.
— Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats slip to 20 percent, their worst election result in post-war Germany.
— Right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) wins its first seats in the federal parliament, also becoming the Bundestag’s third power in the process.
— The pro-business Free Democrats return to parliament, after missing the cut for the first time since the war last time around.
— The Greens and the Left hold station, scoring very similarly to four years ago.
— No coalitions are practically viable without Merkel’s CDU taking the lead. However, a repeat of the current “Grand Coalition” with the Social Democrats is not the chancellor’s only option.
— Turnout appears slightly higher than 2013’s level of 71.5 percent.

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