Bulgarian President Radev: Handling of jet fighter acquisition process ‘not the best signal’ abroad

Bulgarian President Roumen Radev has cited the handling of the fighter jet acquisition process as an example of how not to send the right signal to the country’s partners abroad.

Addressing a traditional annual gathering in Sofia of Bulgaria’s diplomats, Radev said that Bulgarian foreign policy should be guided by the principles of predictability and reliability.

“One not very good example is the acquisition of the famous fighters,” Radev said.

Referring to the call for bids to supply the Bulgarian Air Force with new fighter jets, he said that Bulgaria had for the first time developed a comprehensive document regarding all the requirements and international procedures for such projects.

“Both Bulgaria and the countries to which the request was sent made a binding commitment,” he said.

“Secret information was sent us, with which we could make comparisons. On our side, however, we were required to keep to the schedule that we had accepted and to notify them of our decision.

“When we do not notify them and stop this process without giving any interpretations and without saying anything from now on, we do not give the best signal,” Radev said.

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